Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Look: MP-10 Convoy 2.0!

05.11.2011 - It begins with a Prime and it will never end... With a Prime. In late 2003 Takara had made a breakthrough with their Masterpiece series starting with MP-01 Convoy. It was joy for many fans that the design was updated for the high end Transfan in all of us.

In 2011 Takara Tomy has done it once again. Just like the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, Optimus Prime or Convoy (Known in Japan) gets the 21st Century update with its latest version to date.

The first MP-01 started the year of 2004 to celebrate Transformers 20th Anniversary.

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It was the biggest Generation One Optimus Prime to date. Detailed in its time and definitely a lot versions followed. Surprisingly Takara Tomy (They merged in 2005) just pulled out a new Prime as rumors has it the old mold of MP-01 will soon be laid to rest. Out comes the newest Optimus Prime/Convoy to date, and you'll feel complete this time around with a trailer that includes all you see in the original from 1984.

Weapon Contortionist

For this version Convoy is scaled down in height as tall as the recent MP-09 Rodimus Convoy. There are several gimmicks upgraded to this new version of Convoy, which includes his Transforming gun that can be stored at his back.

Roller is included with human companion

In the previous MP-01/MP-04 release there was no sign of the little roving vehicle known as Roller. A third party had to make one to have it parked inside the trailer. For Convoy 2.0 you got what you pay for plus Spike Witwicky is included based from the original Generation One series.

Other details you should know about Convoy 2.0 is that:

* Smaller and in scale with Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy
* Transforming gun that fits in back compartment
* In-scale Spike figure
* Energon Axe
* Trailer with Repair Bay Bot and Roller
* More Animated look, less kibble
* Chest opens, Matrix of leadership visible

This was an awesome find courtesy of Kapow Toys, who surprised us with these images from TFW2005 where you can see the original post.

Release date sometime in September 2011 for Y23,100.00 Japanese Yen.

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