Monday, December 6, 2010

Battle Damaged Limited Edition Optimus Prime Statuette!

12.06.2010 - J C Sum is a talented magician in his craft. A new breed of world-class illusionists, and is one of Asia's very few Mega Illusionists who also has a talent for toy customs.

Any Transformers fan would put his heart into his work at toy customizing just like what J C Sum had made out of this 12' statuette of Optimus Prime produced by Popbox Collectibles and officially licensed by Hasbro.

Truly a master of his craft J C Sum has not only captivates you with his illusions. He also astounds you with this awesome custom which is only numbered for 500 pieces. This one depicted is number 258, and quite a masterpiece.
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It is highly detailed and the most accurate Optimus Prime, though it does not transform or having any articulation. This statuette will be a great center piece on your display along with your action figure.

For every TransFan who wants to get into high end collecting this might be right up your alley. Its a one of a kind limited edition collectible, that would stand out with it's unique custom from the paintwork down to the bullet holes. Its a remarkable piece that would be called art for those seriously taking collecting to the next level.

J C Sum mesmerizes us once again with this awesome work and you can read the detail of this Battle Damaged & Weathered Limited Edition Optimus Prime Statuette on his blog, where you see all the photos too.

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